Snoqualmie Falls Ladies Notices and Reminders

2019 Officers
Captain: Vicky Kunold
Co-Captain: Michelle Cunningham
Treasurer: Cynthia Cook
Secretary: Karen Hurlbut

Next Meeting June 4: 18 holes 8:00, 9 Holes 9:30

New Golf Rules:  Several new golf rules are now in effect, check them out here, also video, and a good summary here.

9 Hole Group: The 9 Hole Group is re-forming this year due to several new members expected from Cascade.  They will start play in April each Tuesday at 10:30 am.

Sno-Rivers Team: We joined with Twin Rivers Ladies to form a GSWPGA team again this year. To play you must have played once this year in our ladies club competition. Playing team will make you eligible for the City Championships. Please contact Michelle Cunningham if interested.
2019 Team Schedule

Club at The Nation: Info from Marybeth–There has been some interest at SnoFalls Ladies Club with dual membership at The Club at the Nation; i.e., The Nation.

The Nation includes men and women.  The very active club maintains a 6-man Board. The dues are $80 per year, but there is a $10 discount if you belong to SnoFalls Men’s or Ladies’ clubs also.  Membership prior to April 30, 2018 includes a Free 18-Hole round.
The Club at the Nation hosts competitions on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Competitions are similar to ours.  
-Wednesday competition costs $10 with optional $10 side pots;  payouts are in cash.  
-Saturday competition costs $16 with optional $16 side pots; payouts are in Clubhouse certificates.  
After play, your scorecard is given to a Board officer who posts all scores.
Signup forms are available at the Clubhouse. website

Winter Rules: We will play winter rules whenever the course is doing so. On closely mowed grass you may lift, clean and place within one club length no closer to the hole. In the rough it is 6″. This includes near a tree, OB or hazard but not in a hazard. You may not move your ball from the rough to the fairway.

Payouts: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.25, 3rd $3.00 (pay all ties). Don’t forget to spend the money you have on the books in the pro shop.

Social Memberships: At the April 2015 meeting it was voted on and passed to add a social membership category for former and current members who are not able to golf but would like to stay involved and participate in the club’s social events. Dues is $20/yr. and may be upgraded to full membership at any time.

Guidelines for new members and reminders for all others: guidelines (outdated, to be revised soon)

Evening League:
The Tuesday Evening Ladies 9-Hole League is recruiting members for this season. Play is from May -Sept., 5:15 pm. This group is not a part of the Ladies Club, but offers another option for 9 hole players.  Individual members are welcome to join the Snoqualmie Falls Ladies Club to establish a handicap and participate in our social and golf events.
More information here
To join please email Cindy Everson with your contact information.


Reminder-please call ahead for a tee-time, except for Jack Frost, if you didn’t get signed up, don’t forget about your free round.

KP, Eccis, Birdies, Chip-ins: You may record these even when there are not enough players to hold competition, as long as you are playing in a Ladies Club event, playing with another member and have paid for KP. Jack Frost KP is on #3, there is no KP on #17 during the winter and eccis during the winter only count for the front 9. Do not post eccis when you play from the red tees if your ecci scores are for the 18 hole group.

KP’s: We now pay 2 places for the monthly KP; For all KP competitions please use a measuring tape and not the flagstick, as the flagsticks vary in length. For our annual KP on #17 pay $5 for the year ad enter as often as desired. For the monthly KP pay $1 each week to enter.

Temporary Greens: We voted to use a maximum of 2 putts.

Speed of Play Advice (pdf)

Weekend Play: Those who are not able to play on Tuesdays may play in the competition on the weekend before that Tues. This includes Jack Frost. Please check the calendar for that week’s competition.

  • you must play with another Ladies Club member

  • declare that this is your competition round, only once per week

  • leave your signed score card in a designated box on the counter in the hallway

  • enter your gross adjusted score in the Ghin system

  • figure out your net score for that week’s competition and include that on your scorecard

  • be sure to mark down your birdies and chip-ins in the white notebook

  • keep track of your eccis

  • sign-up and pay for “closest to the pin” each week (optional)

Understanding Your Handicap:

For our Ladies Club competitions: on the handicap sheet please use the center column for 18 hole competition (back tees) and the right hand column for 9 hole competition (front tees), this is your course handicap.

Also, if your handicap is above 40 you must use 40 for our 18 hole competitions. For 9 Hole competitions you should use your full handicap.

When you look at the handicap list some handicaps have letters after them, here is what they mean:

NH–no current handicap, but a registered GHIN member

M–manually inserted handicap, which is a temporary one until you have enough scores entered

L–leaning towards

R–reduced, usually due to one or more tournament scores lower than normal. (see the Ghin explanation in the pdf file)

More Handicap Information from the Ghin Newsletter (pdf)